Bobby Capri – “Confetti”

My brother Bobby Capri’s new shit. This is his best work by far. #HeavyGreen #MagnificentMinds #InstantGratification coming soon. Follow him on Twitter @VACapri


Bobby Capri – Lindsay Lohan Part 2

This is the second video for Bobby Capri’s hit song “Lindsay Lohan”. This is Screwed and Chopped shout out to DJ Screw R.I.P. The video is too dope. Enjoy this shit.


Frank Ocean – Wiseman

I think this song will be on repeat for the next month or so. So great. It gives me a feeling, I don’t know of what yet (I’m thinking sadness) but it is such a dope tune. This song is truly unparalleled.

Bobby Capri – “Lindsay Lohan” part 1

Check this awesomeness out! Anything to do with Lindsey Lohan must be awesome right? No? Ok, maybe not but you’re sure to have an entertaining time watching her. This video is no different, the visuals are stunning, it’s a great song, what more do you want? Check it out: This one is off Bobby’s upcoming mixtape Instant Gratification and it is sure to have the blogs going wild!


Machine Gun Kelly – Hold On (Shut Up)

This is undoubtedly my favorite track at the moment. This is a dope ass song by Machine Gun Kelly, I never really been a fan but this song is really great.


Trindad James All Gold Everything Parody

You may know this Fellow, as he’s done a lot of funny videos in his life. Now, he comes to you with another one. A parody of the megahit song by Trindad James, it’s called All Gold Everything.

You gon enjoy this one!


Where I’m From: Jay-Z Barclay’s Center Documentary

If you haven’t seen or heard of this, you must be living under a rock! Allow me to catch you up though.