Homeless man returns $3300…

This is a crazy ass story to say the least. It really does make you think you should keep your faith in people. Then again not a lot of people are like this great man. Sad really…..


4 responses to “Homeless man returns $3300…

  1. Personal integrity and ethics for the win! Homeless cat has my utmost respect.

    • Yea, man, I mean he could’ve kept it and lived well for a few months. He was an honest dude though, and that’s definitely respectable.

  2. Was it a good decision tho?

    • I can’t say…

      I mean I would do the same thing…

      I mean sure, he would live great for about 2-4 months tops….

      At the end of the day he would go back to being homeless though….

      So I think it was the right decision to keep your integrity and all…

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