New details on Chris Brown.

So, I was rummaging through the internet because I was bored as usual, and I came across the well known Hip-Hop journalist Dream Hampton’s blog. Dream Hampton has done a whole bunch of stuff from working with B.I.G. and writing for The Source and Vibe Magazine to most recently, co-authoring Jay’s “Decoded”. Anyways she wrote about the fiasco with Chris Brown and what had happened on Good Morning America a few days ago, what I was shocked to learn though was that at the time of the one sided fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna, Chris actually left Rihanna on the side of the street after he beat her to a bloody pulp. I guess his intentions were that nobody would see her? I don’t know, but the fact that someone could do that is heartless, after beating your girlfriend up you just leave her on the side of the street while she is bleeding? That just takes the whole forgiveness thing to another level for me, I mean he couldn’t give her a ride back home? That’s cruel to say the least, so I’m kind of discombobulated on this issue now, I want to forgive him but after hearing this I want to take another stance.

I read a whole bunch of people arguing this as well and I kind of agree, Chris Brown did get off easy, I mean if he was a regular Joe Shmo, he probably would have been in jail right now. Instead he’s enjoying his album being slated to debut at #1 and enjoying lap dances from some hot women at his album release party, don’t get me wrong I believe that he worked hard and that he should get rewarded for it. I am just bringing up the scenario and saying if he was just a “regular” person and not this big, huge “megastar” would he have been let off this easy? I don’t think so. The other thing is they were saying how would you feel if that was your mother? or your sister? or your niece? that Chris just so happened to beat up? That would hurt wouldn’t it? I know it would me.

The other thing in all of this is Chris Brown’s stepfather was abusive to his mother and those traits carried on to him. Not saying that that’s an excuse, but he needs help is what I am saying. We all know that people who grow up or witness abuse in their homes are far more likely to be abusive to their partners. So I do believe, like Ms. Hampton indicated, I do believe Chris Brown needs some help and needs some therapy and maybe he should see a shrink. I also believe the world should be over this already as well, he moved on and so should we.


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