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Bobby Capri – Lindsay Lohan Part 2

This is the second video for Bobby Capri’s hit song “Lindsay Lohan”. This is Screwed and Chopped shout out to DJ Screw R.I.P. The video is too dope. Enjoy this shit.


Yasiin Bey X Louis Vuitton commercial

This a fantastic commercial for Louis Vuitton with one of my favorite artists talking about my favorite boxer in history, Mr. Muhammad Ali! Dope concept too.

Black Man Angry At Subway.

I just died. Dude is hilarious. Watch.

David Banner Speaks On The Trayvon Situation.

I’m always impressed by the way this dude tells the truth and nothing but it. Preach Banner! Preach!

David Banner X Big Krit – Believe

These guys are really holding it down right now! David Banner’s new one is called “Believe” and THIS is essentially why I believe in Hip-Hop! this is what it is. May Hip-Hop keep breathing!

Freedom Of Speech, Right?

Everyone should have a right to say what they feel right? I mean it’s in the constitution, right? Then, why is Kirk Cameron getting slandered by what he said on Piers Morgan a few nights ago? I think he has a right to his opinion and I believe people don’t have to go along with what he says, but don’t slaughter the guy in the media for having an opinion! C’Mon!

Whether right or wrong I think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion!

Yasiin Bey – Niggas In Paris, In Paris

So a few days ago Yasiin Bey was in Paris and dropped his new joint at a radio station. That shit kray!