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Frank Ocean – Wiseman

I think this song will be on repeat for the next month or so. So great. It gives me a feeling, I don’t know of what yet (I’m thinking sadness) but it is such a dope tune. This song is truly unparalleled.



Thank You For The Broken Heart…

Lauriana Mae- Love

Came across this singing gem today and I feel like she is the American version of the late great Amy Winehouse. R.I.P. Amy. I couldn’t wait to share. She is destined to take over!

The Weeknd – “High For This” (In Paris)

So Abel was in Paris, France, apparently and KILLED a show. His music is so great, I really can’t wait until he comes back to Toronto to do another show!

Maroon 5 Ft. Wiz Khalifa – “Payphone” (J. Rice cover)

This is a dope track. This is even doper now that J. Rice put his special touch on it. Listen/watch and enjoy!

Frank Ocean We All Try (Live Performance)


Goodie Mob – Fight To Win

I think this is really dope. Not only do I think the song is so dope but I think the way Cee-Lo is holding down Goodie Mob after all these years and after all of his solo success is too trill. I #Salute Cee-Lo for this!