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Bobby Capri – “Lindsay Lohan” part 1

Check this awesomeness out! Anything to do with Lindsey Lohan must be awesome right? No? Ok, maybe not but you’re sure to have an entertaining time watching her. This video is no different, the visuals are stunning, it’s a great song, what more do you want? Check it out: This one is off Bobby’s upcoming mixtape Instant Gratification and it is sure to have the blogs going wild!


The truth!

I wish someone would bring back Def Poetry Jam or make an alternate version!

Huey reacts to “Crispy Chicken” by Mary J. Blige

This is some funny shit. I really don’t know why people are upset with Mary J. though because this is not the first time a black celebrity singer has sung for chicken. It’s been done before. I mean let Mary live, but this is too funny to not share.

Freedom Of Speech, Right?

Everyone should have a right to say what they feel right? I mean it’s in the constitution, right? Then, why is Kirk Cameron getting slandered by what he said on Piers Morgan a few nights ago? I think he has a right to his opinion and I believe people don’t have to go along with what he says, but don’t slaughter the guy in the media for having an opinion! C’Mon!

Whether right or wrong I think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion!

Nicki Minaj “Did It On ‘Em”

I didn’t know that Nicki said all this stuff, or maybe I just wasn’t listening…..yeah, I don’t think I was listening at all. Anywho I was just saying the Catholic Churches should boycott Nicki after that Grammy performance but looks like black people ain’t feeling her “swag” right now either. the part that really got me though, is when Nicki is on that song with Kesha and Britney Spears and she’s calling black females “monkeys”. She says “Chimpanzees is hatin’ but I take it all in stride/ Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side”


I bet Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t have visualized this ever right? I don’t think Wu Tang Clan was visualizing this when they said “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” either.

What do you think of this? Should black people really boycott Nicki?

Tour Manager of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Kanye West accepts Islam and becomes a Muslim – The Deen Show

Mash’Allah. May Allah continue to bless this brother!

John Legend goes in on Tim Tebow!

This is hilarious. John Legend does a remix to “Ordinary People” that’s dedicated to Tim Tebow.