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Bobby Capri – “Lindsay Lohan” part 1

Check this awesomeness out! Anything to do with Lindsey Lohan must be awesome right? No? Ok, maybe not but you’re sure to have an entertaining time watching her. This video is no different, the visuals are stunning, it’s a great song, what more do you want? Check it out: This one is off Bobby’s upcoming mixtape Instant Gratification and it is sure to have the blogs going wild!


Bobby Capri @ JMU in VA

This is my man Bobby Capri doing what he does best which is perform his hits on stage. This is in Virginia at JMU where he tore the house down!

Saigon – Hungry

New Saigon! This real Hip-Hop ya’all, all that other shit is POP music! My man Sai keeping this shit alive. I appreciate that.

Eminem Interview with 101 Bars…

So as you all heard Eminem had a drug problem…..past tense, he’s good now….well here’s an interview with 101 Bars ¬†where he explains how he got back to music or if he ever stopped making it. Not to forget Eminem’s latest album sold 600,ooo it’s first week, beat that people!

Tony Yayo Responds to Game!

So this is the much anticipated response from Tony Yayo on behalf of 50 Cent and G-Unit. Check it!