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Where I’m From: Jay-Z Barclay’s Center Documentary

If you haven’t seen or heard of this, you must be living under a rock! Allow me to catch you up though.


Mos Def – Niggaz In Paris

I think Jay-Z and Kanye West did a cover for this song, I could be wrong. Ha!

Tour Manager of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Kanye West accepts Islam and becomes a Muslim – The Deen Show

Mash’Allah. May Allah continue to bless this brother!

Kanye West – Big Brother

Seems like this song just came out yesterday. Kanye was just wetting his feet and admiring Jay, now they’re doing albums together! I bet Kanye couldn’t have possibly predicated it to happen like this. It’s cool.

Odd Christmas Feat. a slew of artists (Spoof)

This shit is badass. Haha. All the artists were on point. The ones that stood out to me most were Plies and the Bawse! Go support these guys man. http://www.2-cent.com @2centtv

Steve Stoute – The Tanning Of America

In this interview with ┬áthe Harvard Business Review, Steve talks about everything about his career, from the early years to what he’s doing now in 2011. This is to promote his new book Tanning Of America, which is in stores now!


Jay-Z and Kanye West- Otis

This is what ya’ll been waiting for…..Spike Jonze directed……OMG….AND they auctioning off the car in there and the money will go towards the drought in East Africa….#Schwag