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Trindad James All Gold Everything Parody

You may know this Fellow, as he’s done a lot of funny videos in his life. Now, he comes to you with another one. A parody of the megahit song by Trindad James, it’s called All Gold Everything.

You gon enjoy this one!


The Weeknd- The Party & The Afterparty

So this man’s or this band’s music is like CRACK to me now. I just can’t stop listening to this guy or guys…It erks me that I don’t know who they or he is and if it’s just one person or a band. The worst part though? They are from Toronto, which is where I live, and I’m supposed to be the one on new music all the time. At least I found them now though, right? And I am glad I did, This is some amazing music. So without further ado, here you are:

And oh yeah, check out their website for their awesome new mixtape FOR FREE!!! http://the-weeknd.com

Raekwon Still In Toronto!…

So Raekwon is still in Toronto…you know why?….Because Toronto, Canada is the place to be dammit!…let’s get it!….

Raekwon Vlog From Toronto!..

Raekwon checks in from Caribana….

Jadakiss At Caribana!…

This is footage of Jadakiss performing in my hometown of Toronto! If you don’t know about Caribana, look it up!….